What are we?

Dear Friends,

It is indeed and opportunity on out past to present the Annul Report and Activities of out Organization TARAPITH TARABAM WELFARE SOCIETY.

We trying to emulate the thought of a grate philosopher Who belive that the entire world has but in race that of human race. We the man conqueror of the universe having birthright to enjoy the grace of Nature helplessly bow down our head to the grindstone of internal discord, selfishness and separatisn. Thus we the rational creature of Nature is going to a wilespread fire in which the human civilization will be smashad.

To get rid of this dreadful consequence the mankind need co-existance based on Confidence, communality, Fraternity, Friendship and Mutual Truse, for Which TARAPITH TARABAM WELFARE SOCIETY is working on. We organized and conducted several programmers in Human Resources i.e Health, service Culture and you jizz.

We express out sincere thanks & obligation to all our Friends, Beneficiary, Welwisher and Worker for the same.


Terms and Conditions

No refund will be issued for people who will deposit money for puja without trust’s knowledge.

No refund will be issued for people who will deposit money without trust’s knowledge.

For refund on donation, one needs trust’s permission.

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